I’m Grateful for My Friends

(Please forgive any wrong grammar or structure, it should be noted that English is not my first language.)

I read a lot of books this past month. Don’t get me wrong, I read a lot before too. But since I quit my job back in early October, I have nothing to do but read.  And I believe October is one of the happiest moment in my life. I’ve been working since I was a student in college and I literally never had a holiday. Yes, I’m one of those over achiever workaholic person (and can you believe that I’m only 23 years old?). So I take this chance to read as much as I could and to prove to my family that I can relax, they thought I worry too much, too uptight and don’t know how to relax (and I’m started to think that the might be right).

Why is October one of the happiest moment in my life? Here’s the thing, I don’t have many friends. I can count them with my fingers (1 to be exact. Actually there’s 2 but turns out she’s a backstabbing bitch, so…).  And I’m okay being alone, I chose to be that way, I like my privacy (that’s why I never have a boyfriend too). And a lot of people from schools and my former workplace just don’t get me (can you believe that one of my former colleague didn’t know who J.R.R Tolkien is but he can describe all of Rihanna’s tattoos?).  I’m one of those nerds who always sat in the corner reading a book. Back in high school I have a nickname; the ice queen. But, this past month I have hundreds of new friends. I met them in this social media called twitter.

Back in August I read this one book, Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard, the story itself is special, but what comes next, for me is a blessing. After reading the book (and it’s sequel; Gabriel’s Rapture) I found out that the author is involved in a lot of charities (I’m a sucker for charity). So I started to follow him on twitter along with the fans account.  From there, I met these amazing group of ladies who, just like me love to read (sadly, I can’t remember the first lady I befriended with. You see, August is a tough month for me). Anyhoo, the blessing doesn’t stop at that, I get to chat with authors, poets and other amazing people. I got the courage to write some book reviews which my friends said that they’re good reviews (and the authors themselves actually like my reviews). I know right? Talk about blessing. If you’d told me three months ago that I will have a lot of friends whose also a book junkie and actually like me for who I am (well, I’m assuming. My sister said “they like you because the don’t get to meet you.” But I chose to ignore that comment.) , I’d probably say “Dude, are you high? Nobody likes the nerd.”

I write this post to say just how grateful I am to meet my friends. Yes, I lose one person who I truly consider as my best friend (she’s the backstabbing bitch I was talking about earlier) but in return, I get a bunch of amazing people. And I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Of course it doesn’t change some things; my trust issue and my family issue are still there and other stuff (I’m still jobless, but currently it’s because I chose to). But when I talk to my friends, I can forget all of my problems for a while, and I’m really grateful for that.

Here are the names of the people that I’m grateful I met. I can’t mention all of you, but I do the best I can. And even though I didn’t mention some of your name you’re no less important than others.


Sylvain Reynard


#NewYorkTimes & #USAToday Best Selling Author of#GabrielsInferno & #GabrielsRapture.

Jennifer Probst


NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy and erotic romance wth Gallery, Entangled, and Decadent. Children’s book author. Proud bad mommy. Come visit!

Debra Anastasia


Author of ★☆Crushed Seraphim★☆ ★☆Poughkeepsie★☆Bittersweet Seraphim★☆

Heather Huffman


I enjoy dancing with my kids. Love my horses & chickens. Springsteen fan. Abolitionist. Fair Trade supporter. Author of books with sparks & suspense.

Michelle Leighton


New York Times bestselling author, lover of chocolate and coffee, a fool for love and a dork in her own right. Find me everywhere!




A Proud Mom and a Wife.I may have no power over the future,but I have the freedom over the choices I make.Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ Getting *bookish* and I love it.



Daughter,sister,friend,wife,lover,mother,teacher,singer,swimmer, reader, watcher, twi-slore, muse

Miss Cranberry


On the blue sofa, underneath the purple blanket, forever dreaming of Aramis and sin.



Italian obsessive reader. Lover of literature, theatre, ballet and movies. Reviewer on @BookTemptations. I can’t do without a book. Moderator at @GIFansItaly



An avid reader, music lover and all around fun loving girl.

Karen Everett


Namaste, Genealogist to the World. Passionate Reader. 4-H Volunteer, Dedicated to Charities and Community Service.



Stercus Accidit



I read. Everyday.Period. I talk about books occasionally 😉 My favorite # is 17



Mom, wife, bureaucrat, writer. On FF.net and Livejournal as MeilleurCafe.


@KatieMagnet FOLLOWS YOU

Never underestimate a Goddess.I swear, I rant but I have a heart of gold x Sarcasm as standard BA HonsEd RAF & Police background I support @CVOCCharity

Tammy-Louise Wilkins

@TammyLWilkins FOLLOWS YOU

Author of upcoming YA-Mature novel Temptation Bites. Tall, Too Smart, Sarcastic, Adviser, Model, Singer-Songwriter, Blogger & Aspiring Writer. #MUFC #Libra



animal lover; nature enthusiast; book whore; purveyor of random thoughts; soft-hearted curmudgeon; sexy bitch



I love my lush hubby @1largepepsi #TheOne #ForeverLove, my sons, cuppa teas, romance, laughter, the colour red, movies, tattoos and motorbikes x #InThatOrder!!!



I love to read, dance, sing, laugh, and love. Living life to the fullest every day! Please insert other pretentious crap here.

Joan Gillen


Trying to live life & make a difference/Avid Kindle Book Reader/Hopeless

Romantic/Dreamer/Music Lover/Frustrated Singer & Dancer/Aspiring Traveler



Eclectic interests:former professor, loves public speaking, published Nursing writer, registered nurse, and passionate and appreciative reader.



Married mum of 3, lover of horse riding, reading, dog walking and tattoo’s


Kat Bastion


Award-winning writer, pushing paper by day, inking my wildest fantasies by night. Join my adventure to published author and in my love for paranormal romance.



lover of words, FEELS, and all things blush worthy. sometimes I write things down…. #poemup

Mon Ami


Tormented Poet, Twisted Procreator of Short Stories, & Aspiring Erotica Writer http://www.pjbayliss.com  #YrMonAmi #50Truths



Just a Mom stepping into the writing world … humbly, scared, excited and proud.



Passionate about words… Reading, writing, and hearing them spoken… Curiousity may have killed the cat, but I’ve unlocked limitless lives…



I wake with good intentions

Mr Darwin Blake


Almost Famous Author. Cunning Linguists. Aspiring Poet. Friend To All.

Poetic Dreams


Enter my dreams…one by one…walk with me through to reality…

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”
― C.S. Lewis

Neda ‏@AminiNeda

You know what I love about my twitter friends that they respect each other’s opinions and choices.

Thanks for stopping by 😉 xx


3 thoughts on “I’m Grateful for My Friends

  1. Hey my lovely new friend, I feel exactly the same way Miss Amelia – Since reading SR’s Books and getting into Twitter the world just keeps opening up!!! And tell your sister that we will meet ….cause even though we’re not able to meet today the bond of the bridge has been built, which is a solid foundation!!! Love you heaps and 2013 is your year to shine xox

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