Book Boyfriends of 2012 That Make Me Breath Rapidly

(Please forgive any wrong grammar or structure, it should be noted that English is not my first language.)

I was going to pick 10 characters, but it’s just too hard to narrow it down to 10, so I settled on 15.   Intelligent, willing to do anything to save their loved ones, protective, and funny are the main reasons why I chose these delicious men:

1. Professor Gabriel O. Emerson from Gabriel Series by Sylvain Reynard

2. Satan Jack from Seraphim Series by Debra Anastasia

3. Braden Carmichael from On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

4. Stephan Coleman from Finding Anna Series by Sherri Hayes

5. Carmine de Marco from Sempre by J.M Darhower

6. Gideon Cross from The Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day

7. Beckett Taylor from Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia

8. Christian Grey from 50 Shades Trilogy by E.L James

9. Simon Parker from Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

10. Ryan Matthews from The Remembrance Trilogy by Kahlen Aymes

11. Ethan Blackstone from The Blackstone Affair Series by Raine Miller

12. Kellan Kyle from Thoughtless and Effortless by S.C Stephens

13. Blake Hartt from Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia

14. Jack Hamilton from The Redhead Series by Alice Clayton

15. Gabe Adams from Throwaway by Heather Huffman 


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