My Review on No Weddings by Kat and Stone Bastion


The Synopsis:

Award-winning author Kat Bastion teams with her husband, Stone Bastion, in this first book in the No Weddings Series about Cade Michaelson, a successful man with his sights set on a new venture in business, and Hannah Martin, the woman who makes it personal.

I think I have my act together as a successful bar owner, my master’s degree within reach, and a list of no-strings-attached women warming my bed. Turns out, I don’t.

Hannah believes she has safeguarded her wounded heart by shunning men and focusing on her new baking business. The thing is, she hasn’t.

When my three sisters and I form an event-planning business with Hannah as our baker, I have no idea how my life is about to change. As Hannah and I work closely together, the attraction between us becomes irresistible. And complicated. I’ve promised my sisters I wouldn’t mix business with pleasure. But I’ve never been one to follow the rules.


My Review:

No Weddings is the first book in No Weddings series by Kat and Stone Bastion. This book was a refreshing change from all the similar themed books out there right now. The whole story is told from Cade Michaelson’s POV aka my new book boyfriend. That’s right ladies, Cade’s brain and mouth will blow your mind. No Weddings tells the story of Cade who along with his three hilarious sisters start a party planning business. Hannah Martin is a friend of Kiki’s (one of Cade’s sisters) and a talented baker who just opened her new bakery. Cade and his sisters contracted Hannah’s new bakery to supply their event company.

Cade is a manwhore; a sexy, smart and handsome manwhore. He’s got a short attention span where women are concerned. Cade just doesn’t do long term relationship. Of course there’s a reason behind this behavior, he’s been burned (badly) in the past and not getting emotionally attached to women is how he dealt with that. When he met Hannah for the first time, she acted like an uptight Ice Queen to froze him out, but he still completely in lust and is totally physically attracted to her. Months later they became a business partner and slowly form a friendship. After spending some times with Hannah, Cade learns that she has her own traumatic past that made her chose an icy front to keep everyone away from her.

I absolutely fall in love with this book. The story feels so real and down to earth. Cade’s close bond with his sisters is endearing and their fun relationship felt very realistic to me. The chemistry between Cade and Hannah is off the charts, I really enjoy their banter and sexual tension (seriously, you could actually feel the sexual chemistry between them while you were reading). The authors did a great job at writing a fun, entertaining and unique story. The ending is perfect but at the same time makes us wanting for more. I’m so excited to read the next book (One Funeral) and it will be told in Hannah’s POV. I’m hoping we could even get some books featuring the Michaelson sisters in the future.

If you like the slow progression of a real relationship, a charming player and well developed characters you will enjoy this book. I give it 4.5 fun and entertaining stars!!!


PS: Thank you Kat and Stone for personally gave me No Wedding and One Funeral. You guys have done a great job and I can’t wait to read your other projects.


Favorite quotes:

“Real love is messy.”

“Live a little, Hannah. Slide something wide between your legs and hold on tight to me. You might like it… It vibrates…”

“She was a mess. But she was my mess. And fucked up as I felt at times, I was hers.”

“Yep. This was what women did to men. They brought out the caveman in our species.”

“For two people who’d been blindsided by love so horrifically, damaged almost beyond repair, the wait was necessary. The slow dance of ours had become much-needed therapy.”